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We are now offering Club specific Forums for your Club.

They will be sited within the existing 'Clubs & Events' area.

QUOTE How do we get our Club into the Forum?
You submit your info to Doug at [email protected] or send a PM from the forum if you are already a member including the following information:
  • Club name
  • Address
  • Contact details - name, phone and/or email
  • Website
  • A brief paragraph describing the club
  • The Model Rail Forum member ID of someone from your club nominated to moderate your sub forum. This person would have moderation rights to your area. The main forum moderators will also help as required, but your moderator can get involved in basic online 'housekeeping'. All existing Model Rail Forum Rules will apply to content and behaviour.
You can also submit a logo for the Club. This is to be no larger than 600 by 150 pixels in size.

All Clubs from any location worldwide are invited to join (Free of course), all we specify is that English be the Language of use.

QUOTE What do we get from it?
  • Your Club will get exposure to all the Model Rail Forum members and the entire readership of the Forum.
  • A place where all your own members can leave messages and talk whilst online but away from the Club.
  • The chance to promote Meetings and Events, add pictures and information as you wish about your Club.
We can also add your club to the interactive map that we a building on UK Model Railway Clubs. See the map here.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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