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New ESU ECOS with colour screen

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Just announced today in the ESU new items brochure.


Us ECOS owners are about to have an oudated product, at least in terms of the screen...

I have not had time to scan the German text in full, but I can't immediately spot any enhanced functionaility, though there is mention of it working with the Dynamis Pro Box from Bachmann.

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It's got different style function buttons too.

We were discussing this on the ECoS forum and I was told that it will cost another 200 euros for a colour screen.

I suppose they had to do this to compete with Commander and CS2 but the price will go up substantially to accomodate this.

The screen looks the same but will the same software updates apply to both or will there have to be two updates for each type of ECoS?

It seems that they are continuing with "our" version of the ECoS so it isn't really outdated, just not top of the range anymore.

The Radio Control for ECoS has been announced for some time but hasn't yet become available. Looks like this Navigator is the German version of the Dynamis.

I like the new ECoSlink terminals, that will be handy.

The ECoS detector seems to be their own S88.
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QUOTE (iansa @ 1 Feb 2009, 11:38) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Everything I have read suggests both B & W and colour versions will be supported. The only difference is the colour of the screen.
Having a colour screen would be nice but I don't think it will make any difference how my trains run.

That's right Ian. At around 200 euro extra, I don't consider it worth it.
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