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New Farish

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Hi, I see from the Farish web site they have announced Stanier coaches, now we know why Dapol switched to Gresleys!!

Also a 3MT 2-6-2T and a Jubilee also some modern stuff. wonder how long before it appears on the shelves??
Also wonder if the Jubilee will hack into a King Arthur or Lord Nelson??

Cheers MIKE
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Is it me or is Bachmann trying to get their own back on dapol over the class 66 as:

Dapol announced 03/04 bachmann announce 04
Dapol announced 2MT bachmann announce 3MT
Dapol announced & postpone Stanier coaches bachmann announce stanier coaches
Dapol announced 150 bachmann announce 150
Dapol announced Seacows Bachmann announce seacows

Is it me or is there a pattern here

i cant wait for the 3MT, 150, 04, 57 and the jubilee but how long will we be waiting ? I hope the new models are upto Dapols new standards and the 150 has close coupling unlike the turbostar
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Modern traction fans get an 04 (that's going to be a useful small chassis) and some 57s - I see more Seacows in N gauge as well. You can have any bogie hopper you like as long as it's a Seacow!

This where Bachmann have got to get their act together. Hornby manage to produce a timetable for production and (mostly) stick to it - why can't Bachmann?

Check out the 08, it is N gauge with outside frames.

I have compared it to the OO Green (D3032) and it is definitely different to the loco presented on the Farish site, the quality of the model is lower with the finer details of the OO model missing.

It looks like we finally have a correct 08 in N
Or it is a picture of an early prototype 'OO' 08 with handrails missing and a poorer paintjob.

* Wonders whether the Virgin 57 with have the Delnner coupling? Or will that be next year ... *
If that 08 is a dcent runner with outside frames it just might coax me back to N. Then all I need is a Green 31, a 3 car 101 in green, and enough 16T minerals to fill a err shoebox (well that's alot in N!).
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