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New farm from Metcalfe Models

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Metcalfe Models have announced the release of two new kits for their OO scale range.

Kit PO250 contains a large manor farm house and a small farm worker's cottage. Kit PO251 contains a barn and tractor shed.

You can find out more by visiting the Metcalfe Models website and following the New Products image in the top right corner.

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I think these models may be based on Cotswold practice. Most Dales barns have stone roofs - the Metcalf ones look far more like slate. Also the stonework on the walls looks too neat and well-coursed. In Yorkshire its tends to be rather more irregular and larger stones. Also Yorkshire farms tend to be more the 'long house' type where the barn forms one end of the farmhouse; field barns are smaller buildings with space for cattle downstairs and hay/fodder storage upstairs, so don't need the large wagon door.
But as only a regular visitor to Yorkshire, not an inhabitant, I am prepared to be corrected.
John Webb
I think in view of 60134's comments I'd look at the Peak District or to the west of it.
Is it a window over the arch or a hole to shove straw/hay etc into from a wagon for storage?
John Webb
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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