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New farm from Metcalfe Models

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Metcalfe Models have announced the release of two new kits for their OO scale range.

Kit PO250 contains a large manor farm house and a small farm worker's cottage. Kit PO251 contains a barn and tractor shed.

You can find out more by visiting the Metcalfe Models website and following the New Products image in the top right corner.

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While these are ok and good value for money, I prefer the Townstreet ones for that real stone look. I got a few of their farm buildings and the effect is great. They are unfortunately a hell of a lot more expensive. While I like the Metcalfe kits, they do look a bit two dimensional when seen up close.
QUOTE (Gwent rail @ 4 Oct 2006, 21:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Neil, try using Metcalf as a base shape then adding gutters, down pipes, roof slates and plastic lintels. Quicker than sratchbuilding, cheaper than Townstreet, more realistic than standard, BUT I still will use Townstreet for the prominent/important buildings or Ten Commandments for the smaller structures ( Why? Cos you can't beat a good stonecast model for realism.

Thats pretty much what I do. I have the Townstreet ones at the front and the Metcalfe, Superquick at the back where you can't see them too clearly. I haven't tried Ten Commandments before. Are they any good? I found out recently that they are located near where I (used to) live in Scotland. I wouldn't mind giving them a go.
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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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