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New farm from Metcalfe Models

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Metcalfe Models have announced the release of two new kits for their OO scale range.

Kit PO250 contains a large manor farm house and a small farm worker's cottage. Kit PO251 contains a barn and tractor shed.

You can find out more by visiting the Metcalfe Models website and following the New Products image in the top right corner.

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Neil, try using Metcalf as a base shape then adding gutters, down pipes, roof slates and plastic lintels. Quicker than sratchbuilding, cheaper than Townstreet, more realistic than standard, BUT I still will use Townstreet for the prominent/important buildings or Ten Commandments for the smaller structures ( Why? Cos you can't beat a good stonecast model for realism.
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In reply to your query Neil, I've got Ten Commandments Coal Depot set, The Stone Coaling stage, some of their smaller bits and pieces and I'm experimenting with the Dry Stone Walling. I've also seen a lot of their products displayed at exhibitions (in a painted, finished state for demonstration purposes) and so far, so good. They seem to slot in nicely with Townstreet and because they concentrate on the smaller castings, don't clash with similar product. I would definitely recommend them.
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