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New for 2009

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Does anybody know when Dapol / Graham Farish will be announcing / releasing there 2009 range!

I still can't wail for the N gauge Pendolino
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Dapol have already launched their 2009 catalogue and announced a long list of models but no firm release dates - all on their website.

I believe Bachmann have organised a trade day in Leicester in a week or so to make their announcements. This weekend I think.
Hi Tom.

The best way of getting up to date information plus the Dapol 2009 catalogue is to join the Dapol N'thusiasts Club. I received the catalogue in December and also receive regular updates by e-mail.
As already mentioned Dapol have already published their 2009 brochure, but Bachmann should be announcing their new 2009 range (including Farish) at the new model and hobby trade show in Liecester this coming weekend - so less than a week before all will be revealed.

But due to the current very poor economic climate expect a rather restrained programme like was unveiled by Hornby a while back. I expect them to catch up with many of the now long outstanding promised models as part of the 2009 range - after all, we're still waiting on a new 2MT, 3MT, 9F, class 150 DMU, class 101 DMU and a host of wagons (seacows, bogie bolsters, JGA hoppers, etc.,) that were included in previous years brochures - plus reliveries of existing products. And as we all know they will now only announce things that they are in a well advanced state of development and have some reasonable expectation of it actually getting launched quickly.

Yeah I will be interested to see the GF announcements as I have been waiting for the GWR 20t Toad Brake Vans for almost a year now. Nobody else makes one so I am jusy having to wait and wait and wait and wait . . . . .
Both manufacturers have a large backlog of unreleased models that we could quite easilly go for a year without any more new releases being announced.
hi '
actually the class 101 dmu was promised as far back as 2004 heres hoping.
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The GWR 20 Tonne 'Toad' brake van has now disappeared completely from the GF web site so lord knows when/if it will ever be produced.
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