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Hi all,
I've just joined today and am pleased i've found this site as soon im starting to build a layout in the loft of my house so an advice would be well recieved.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Please feel free to ask anything you like. There are many people here willing to help that have a wide variety of experience and skills.

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Thanks for the welcome it's good to know i can pick up from a wealth of advice.

Thanks again.
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I have been to look at the place im moving to and there doesnt seem to be a lot of room in the loft the only other option would be to build it on the floor of the loft but that would reduce storage space.
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Could you give us some idea of what 'is not a lot of room', as you may be surprised at what can be made of even the smallest of spaces, depending on your chosen scale and gauge?
At a guess i would say about 6' x 6' maybe a little more but there's joists in the way so the spce i have would mostly be used for storage.
Would it not be possible perhaps to put shelving up between the joists for storage and have more of the clear area for your model railway?
This might help you with your space problem. I am not suggesting for one moment that you be as ambitious as this chap is but at least you might get an idea of what might be possible with a bit of good old fashioned jiggery pokery.

Click on the link and scroll down the page.

Round the Joists
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He has done an incredibly good job given the awkwardness of those trusses!

I remember while my house was being built, spending much time drawing out the roof space and making hugely (stupidly) ambitious plans for a layout in the attic. Little did I realise how the space would be stuffed with those horrible little trusses once the roof was constructed! I never did try anything up there. Just too much effort, so my admiration to anyone who can overcome it like that. He must be something of a contortionist to have worked up all that baseboarding and then wire it! A really splendid result.
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It is possible to get modern trusses which give more room. They user heavier timber with verticals each side and a high-level horizontal tie-bar instead of the space consuming diagonal struts. But no doubt cost more! Worth bearing in mind if you are building or rebuilding a building.
(My house, being early sixties, has a reasonably clear space, for which I am most grateful!)
Thanks CeeDee and too everyone else,looking at the photos that has given me a light at the end of the tunnel as my loft is very similar.
It needs a lot of work like flooring etc once thats down that should give me the bigger picture.
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