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QUOTE (Sec at St Neots MRC @ 29 Sep 2007, 13:30) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Anybody is welcome at any time.
Just email me at [email protected] or drop in any Wednesday evening fron 7.30 after the 1st November.
Hello John,

How annoying that I recently moved from Cambridge to Birmingham, esp. as your club seems active and growing/developing! I must make more of an effort here in Berminum to find one but I wonder how many clubs there can be here if there aren't even any model shops!! You'd think, Berminum, population ~1 million could sustain a few...but no...none to be found, and if you want continental breakfast models then forget it!

Good luck at your new home! Do you have a club website? (Sorry I'm too lazy to ask Google, who probably still has a hangover from her 9th birthday on Thursday...)


P.S. I suggest you remove the @ from your email address before the forum gets reindexed by google/email-address-finding crawlers, unless of course you like spam!
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