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I must admit I had hornby decoders in my farish hst's and also have 1 currently in my farish freightliner 66952 and also 2 of my class 60's

And even when I did have some problems with them. I just sent them back to hornby and they replaced all 6 of them. It did take about 5 weeks to get the replacements but at least they did replace them.

I do admit though when speaking to a local model shop they fitted one in a farish eddie the engine 66 and when he tested the loco he turned away for a second and when he turned back round the body had slightly melted under the roof grille. I looked at what he had done and it was all correct but it seems the chip just failed and went into meltdown.

Since then I have not fitted anymore hornby decoders in any of my locos just in case the same happens to me and I end up in tears. I have since been converted to the tcs M1 decoder which is smaller and as I have found is more reliable as well.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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