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QUOTE (shep @ 12 Jul 2008, 02:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi all. I was just reading the comments on Hornby decoders & I am now a bit worried about the remark made by Oakydoke on the R8215 being a bit troublesome. I have 7 of them to fit to RTR steamers using a Dynamis control system. Could anyone please let me know what nasties await me

***If they are very new production they will probably be OK....

However the first production was nortoriously unreliable and would randomly reset address - they also very often died soon after installation.

Subsequent modifications have improved this decoder somewhat and are marked by a small coloured dot on the chip itself.

Its biggest ongoing drawback is the limited addresses it offers and the very limited adjustability which makes it impossible to properly tune your locomotives....

I have little info on the new decoder except that it will be NMRA compliant and 4 function..... I sincerely hope it now implelments most of the NMRA RPs to make it a flexible and usable product.

I am in two minds about this new decoder - I applaud Hornby for changing their stance and accepting that NMRA compliance and compatibility are important - I think that that was a very positive thing.

But... I do worry about the thousands of original decoders that are to be gentle about it "not good" but have been sold by unknowing retailers to unaware consumers and are now out there in the hands of those like yourself!


1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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