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The new Hornby Class 08 Loco has arrived.

Now this is one we are going to review at Model Rail Forum!

To quote the owner of 53A Models in Hull:-

QUOTE Well as one of those souls who will gladly hold up his hands and say I was a sceptic, I have to say that the arrival into stock of the brand new Hornby class 08 (BR green post August 1968 version only so far) has immediately made me eat my words.

The new Gronk model has without any doubt got the WOW factor! The finesse, quantity and quality of detailing leaves the Bachmann version for dead, whilst the finish is infinitely superior. Running qualities too are absolutely mind blowing and on a par with the best of my fleet of USA models

Now if any other store owners looking in would like to offer their own thoughts then please do!

Happy modelling
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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