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New Hornby Class 56 breaks cover

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Just a couple of days too late for Warley, what were they thinking!

Just appeared on the Hattons website in the past few minutes, the BR Blue Class 56 R2645.

See the Hornby website for more info:

A little over the odds at £80 perhaps (Hattons' price) , but I've just ordered one in excitement. Just past the 2pm cut off for guaranteed next day delivery, but fingers crossed!

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QUOTE (dbclass50)Maybe the 56 should have been at Warley but why Warley & not elseware ? Since Warley I have spoken to a number of traders who did attend & a few of them are of the opinion that Warley is now past it's prime & is getting to be too much trouble for what they actually get out of it.

Interesting. the trader i am involved with has sort of agreed that if we have something special to show or a nice new release then we will do the show again. but we did about the same trade wise as we do at scaleforum and chatham at conciderably less expense.
I dont think its going to becoem a 'normal' show for us.

Well. comming back on topic, i thought the loco looked very good. although its really not my kind of thing. its far too ugly for my layout!
I am assuming it has the same mech as the other recent hornby releases??

Hello Gary

I dont think they would ever sneak it in under the radar deliberatly. they run the serious risk of their new product not making a big enough impact.

I must also admit to being completly underwhelmed buy the prorotype. to mee its another box on wheels and this one is too close to the better looking 47.

1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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