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New Hornby Class 56 breaks cover

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Just a couple of days too late for Warley, what were they thinking!

Just appeared on the Hattons website in the past few minutes, the BR Blue Class 56 R2645.

See the Hornby website for more info:

A little over the odds at £80 perhaps (Hattons' price) , but I've just ordered one in excitement. Just past the 2pm cut off for guaranteed next day delivery, but fingers crossed!

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QUOTE (Bilbo @ 5 Dec 2007, 09:09) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It may have been deliberate to give all traders a level playing field. If it was good on them. There are lots of us who can never make Warley.

Well said - it may be a trend that will be more common in the future & as a trader I welcome anything that levels the playing field.
QUOTE (Gary @ 5 Dec 2007, 11:11) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The examples given of fairness was Rails of Sheffield and Hattons. Would you still welcome it given that its the smaller trader who attends model railway shows? I'm sorry but I see it as sucking up to the big boys and small traders should be allowed to have an opportunity of some ready sales at a show to help them compete and survive. If I was a small trader doing the show circuit I'd be cheesed by this "new" fairness idea.

The Class 56 should have been at Warley!

Nuff said!

Happy modelling

PS if new items now make their debut at Ally Pally or Glasgow then eyebrows will be raised...

PPS it was the first Warley I have attended where there has not been a hot new loco available. Do Hornby and Bachmann want people buzzing at shows or not?

Gary - I really don't understand your comments in the first paragraph, it's almost as if you did not read & take in the comments by Bilbo & myself.

Another thing - I have asked you before in the past if you quote me please give me the courtesy to leave my name in the quote as I do yours ! It also makes it easier for other people to follow the gist of the discussion.

Maybe the 56 should have been at Warley but why Warley & not elseware ? Since Warley I have spoken to a number of traders who did attend & a few of them are of the opinion that Warley is now past it's prime & is getting to be too much trouble for what they actually get out of it.
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To be fair on Warley/NEC Nurnberg is very, very different. The main one being that Nurnberg is (or is supposed to be) a trade only fair lasting several days. Air fairs to Nurnberg are far less than than you think if booked in advance.
Side on makes a good comparison for liveries, but to me it often shows "features" that are not too desirable, such as locomotive/tender gaps & huge amounts of daylight between pony wheels & underframes, on the other hand it is at least "honest" in it's presentation.

Another thing that often spoils the look of an otherwise fine model is parts of the Forth Bridge being attached to the front of locomotives & rolling stock.
QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 7 Dec 2007, 02:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Good print material will do far more than any single show to create a buzz about the product, as modellers are inevitably avid catalog and publicity readers.

Not forgetting the internet.

Does launching a new model or product really have to be done at a large show, be it Warley or wherever ? Accepting that Warley is one of the largest in terms of gate numbers the big shows still only reach a fraction of modellers. Many of this forums members that I now "know" attended but, I cannot think of one single friend or regular customer that did attend Warley.

Personally, I think there is far too much hype surrounding the big shows & what may or may not be launched.
Some time ago there was some discussion on "factory lubrication".

The manufacturer,be they Hornby, Bachmann, Fleischmann, Roco or whoever are in a diffecult position, no matter where the models are made. If they provide enough lubrication in the factory for, say 20 hours running they run the risk of the lubrication contaminating the body/detail during transit. If, however they err on the side of caution then the end user will have to do the lubrication. Dammed if they do, dammed if they don't.

Roco, for example emphasise that the end user is responsible for final lubrication (& also light running in) before any use other than initial testing. In my opinion, that is the best way all round - the collectors do not have to worry & the end user can use their favourite lubricant - this does. of course depend on how diffecult it is to gain access to the relevant parts.
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