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New Hornby ex-Lima locos have arrived !!

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It looks like the flow of Hornby releases of the old Lima models is gathering pace.

I just noticed that Hattons are advertising the Green 121

And the EWS 67

as in stock.

Hold on to your wallets...... its gonna be a bumpy ride !!
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Could have fooled me, Garry.
The GWR Railcar was supposed to be issued in September, then I was told by Hornby end of November, yesterday they quoted "Early in the New Year", Trouble is, they didn't say which year. By the time it's issued, it will be time for a revamp !!!
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Well at least Hornby are more reliable than Bachmann.
Whats happend to the Class 47 Bachmann announced last year that would be with us 4th quarter this year??
Amongst one.

No mention of it.

Plus in Hornbys favour they have a heavy set of releases this year with all the Lima stuff.
I bet they have released more locos and wagons this year than Bachmann have.

Anyway, thats a discussion for another thread.
It'll be interesting to see what the new power bogie in the Class 121 is like..

No service sheet for it yet,-probably because the guy that does them has been very busy lately doing all the Continental stuff!
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