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My new Hornby 'Royal Scot' 46102 'Black Watch' arrived today. I must say intitial reaction is as good as all the 'photo's that have been posted.
I am not an expert in these matters, but the detail appears to be excellent, with seemingly finescale wheels etc., I must now order more!!

p.s. this is my first posting, hopefully there will be more.

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Great Andy!
Don't worry about not being an'll probably enjoy the hobby more!

There's so much coming up my credit card's going on sick leave!
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I have just come back from the usual Saturday joy of shopping, looked in at my local model shop, and saw one such Royal Scot. It is a treat, when I get mine, it will be numbered 46145, Duke Of Wellington's Regt. (abbrev. title!)

All the observations and comments on running were positive.

Looks as if I will have to have a couple of these beauties, if I am lucky.


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