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New Hornby Stanier Coaches

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While at Warley at the weekend I was eager to see if the new Stanier coaches were out. Indeed they were so took the chance to have a good look at them

Full brake, nice, looks good with a good level of detail
Second, again looked the part.
First, again looked the part, or so I thought.

I turned it over, aaarrgggh look at those tacky printed curtains.
I was going to build up a small rake of these but will hang fire to see if this is improved.
They really look like something off a cheap dolls house when you compare them to the ones on the Bachmann Pullmans.

What does everyone else think?

Hornby, if you read this, please rectify, it really spoils the look.
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I think the whole idea of curtains is kinda dopey but can't you exchange these?
QUOTE (Dennis David @ 6 Dec 2005, 18:21)I think the whole idea of curtains is kinda dopey but can't you exchange these?

Not sure how you would exchange as they looked like they had been printed onto the window.
Yikes, I hate when they do that. I said I thought it was kind of dopey in that it was a detail that I don't think is necessary and now it seems they have actually cheapened their model which is a shame.
Hornby have had plenty of feedback on this and the curtains are popular with modellers. Think of the Hornby Pullmans. For those who are not used to British outline coaches it has to be remembered that many of the coach classes had curtains that were drawn shut like house curtains rather than roller blinds that are pulled down and which are normally invisible during the day. From normal operating distances on the layout they look fine and three dimensional. I'm looking at one!

The thing is we are not used to seeing Staniers with curtains and now that the first ever model of this coach has been produced with curtains it will take some getting used to after running rakes of naked Staniers!

Happy modelling
I don't think its a fact of getting used to coaches with curtains, I think the problem here is the way its been done. They just don't look right in the way they have been printed. It just cheapens a really nice looking coach.

With manufacturing technology improving all the time I would have hoped to have seen a better representation of curtains. Not ones that look like they have been stuck in using parts from a 1970's Linka kit.
I'm sure it would not be a big job to replace those curtains on the 1st if they offend the eye. After all, you probably will have the "lid off" anyway to fit a your quota of the travelling public....
Full marks to Hornby for not just producing a compo and a brake 3rd!
Pete Wright
By using the chassis from the 50' BG,Hornby could do the LMS Inspection saloons,-a long-lasting prototype with many livery variations and a wide geographical usage,and you only need one and a loco to form a train!,-ideal for any layout.

How about it Hornby?,c'mon you now it makes sense!

Oh,and there are several preserved examples,so research should be easy..but
they'd have to do some decent B4 bogies to do the latter-day survivors in EWS (and other liveries) though.
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I have looked at different photos of the coaches as I still do not have one. I like the curtains and I am happy that Hornby has not omitted them.

The BR version does not have the roundel (or is it crest) like the Mk1 coaches. Has BR only used it on Mk1 coaches or have there been big four coaches with it? I hope there have been some as the coachs look less plain with it.
I think Hornby once again have a great product with these coaches and the price is very reasonable when compared with continental coaches.

There is just one thing I would like: weathering. Hornby did very well with the weathered MK1 coaches. I am bit of a coward, only weathering goods rolling stock but not daring to spoil nice locos and coaches. As most seem to prefer pristine ones maybe there could be enough demand for some limited edition coach packs?

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I'm sure one of the other companies did the LMS coaches with curtains maybe mainline. I think they look OK especially at the side of the royal train pack that hornby did a couple of years ago, didn't buy it cos of that.
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Speaking of the bachmann pullman curtains they really do set the era as late 60's early 70's in my opinion as they remind me of some pretty grim caravans we looked into buying which hailed from that era. or the back curtain in the photo booths.
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