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Has any other model manufacturer shown some willingness to finally put a decent 00 gauge HST on the shelves? Bachmann would be the preferred choice. A new range of BR Mk3 coaching stock - both loco-hauled and HST versions would nicely compliment their excellent existing Mk1 and Mk2 range.
Or what is stopping Heljan? They could have a go.
Imagine if Fleischmann or Roco had a go in 00 gauge, now that would be a top model!!
Had Lima flush-glazed their coaches, fitted correct colour seating and not fitted buffers they would have been much better.
Hornby can stick with their poor ancient toy effort. I am just not interested. After 30 years its about time a proper model was made with correctly detailed coaches with the right colour seats. The Power Cars need to have the cab shape done correctly to capture the look and directional lighting fitted.
What other features would people like to see on a new HST model?
And what manufacturer should make it?
Isn't it about time Hornby's HST model was sold as a junior starter (as with their ancient and crude class 37 and 47 toys) or just dumped into room 101?
Would like to hear other views on this subject. After all the HST is a modern transport icon of our time and desrves something better than a old toy.
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>Hornby upgraded their MKIII coaches a few years ago and are now correct length
which is why I bought Jouef Mk IIIs for the HST I had many years ago. Are the Jouef moulds the basis for the Lima or are they lost forever?

>I always understood that the Lima Mk3s were their own production not related to Jouef. Weren't they separate companies at the time?.

The takeover of Jouef by Lima took place during my 20 year holiday from modelling, so I can't say.

>They still had buffers and the Jouef wheels were awful.
But the length more than made up for that compared to the "shorty" MkIII that came with the Hornby HST.

>Oh and you need to add a little flouride to your water supply.
I'm pretty sure that became mandatory during the last couple of years. Now the government are debating (internally, I don't think they've asked the rest of us) adding iron to our flour.

1 - 3 of 63 Posts
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