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New issue: RAIL EXPRESS Modeller - February 2008

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RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 46 REM46
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In the February issue:

• News: Irish C Class locomotive released by Silver Fox, along with Mk. 1 steam generator van. Bachmann unveils its Gauge 1 Class 03. Hornby is to re-release the Humbrol range of railway colours, but in acrylic form. Brassmasters to make etched detail parts for Class 25. Skytrex 2008 plans. Plus a special big announcement.
• Reviews: REM takes a look at the final pair of Hornby Class 56s to be made available, and with the release of the production versions of the Heljan Class 58 gives the final report on the new Type 5s. There is a brief look at the new Hornby BY van. Finally, the Bachmann/Murphy Models 141/181 Class 'Baby GMs' are reviewed.
• Features: 2007 was another busy year for Diesel and Electric era modellers that saw some important gaps plugged and not a few surprises. RAIL EXPRESS Modeller recounts the year and gives its verdict on the best and worst new products in a special Model of the Year extra.
REM46 February 2008

• Exhibitions: February means Model Rail Scotland, the Stafford show and many others. Check out our guide to the best shows with D&E representation.
• Serial: The boys from Barrowmore reflect on a busy 2007 and look forward to the challenges that the new year might bring, which may or may not include a massive Mostyn extension project!
• Others: The Hornby catalogue reveals a few surprises, not least the invention of a new Railfreight sub-sector. SS3 investigates and even proposes a solution.
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Thanks for the preview Doug. Will look out for it in Smiths.

Can the special big announcement be revealed? Is it Heljans plans for 2008/9?

Is it me or is the general level of content decreasing ? The last few issues seem to be mainly reviews and very few articles and this monthsa well you get the reviews followed by the Mostyn column and NO modelling articles at all !!!

I think the editor needs to stand back and compare recent issues with those of a year or two ago because i thing RexModeller is starting to lose its way a bit
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