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QUOTE (Rheingold @ 15 Feb 2008, 18:09) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Not a complete newcomer to railway modelling (I am, after all, in my early 60's), I have decided to build a small system based on German stock. I live and work in Germany, so this makes a lot of sense. I have bought a fair amount of Fleischmann track, but need an awful lot of advice as to how to build a very small ( 1.80m x 0.80m) layout.

If you have experience of this type of situation, please let me have a layout plan (photos would be an added attraction) to let me start to build my layout. I need a good long two-way circuit, a station and a mountain or country section for my local single-line alpine section. Lots of storage space needed for rolling stock and locos, train length to be 6 to 8 IC or Rheingold coaches plus locos.

If more info is needed, just leave your question here . . . Rheingold, Feb 15, 2008
Hello Rheingold and welcome to the forum! Having read your requirements I suspect that it is a tall order to achieve them all in such a small area if you have only one level. I would recommend a storage level underneath with tracks leading up to the main level(s). Also do you wish to fit your 8 coach IC train into the station (or just roar past?) as apropriate platforms might be touch long for the space.

I would recommend you try XTrkCad4 which is a free design model railway program which *I think* has Fleischmann Piccolo track programmed in so you can plot exactly to scale! It is best to think of the corner/end curves and decide how you will fit them in to maximise space for all your other things. You could go for the smallest Fleischmann curves to minimise the space taken up to change direction and then perhaps hide them in tunnels etc. (very original I know!). Alternatively just get a piece of graph paper and plot out your ideas, the most important thing being using correctly scaled curves, otherwise things won't join up!
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