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QUOTE (Rheingold @ 19 Feb 2008, 04:14) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hello Goedel,
Many thanks to you for this very wise piece of advice. You are quite right, this "short outline" of my requirements amounts to quite a tall order! While software may indeed be the best solution, I think I will stick to graph paper and the Fleischmann plastic scale planner for my drawing. Space is a problem. Your two-level idea is excellent, and one I hadn't thought of. A good deal of experimentation is called for, so I will begin with a fairly simple layout and build from there as my experience grows. Again, sincere thanks.

Hello Rheingold

I was in the same position as you this time last year with a space 2700 x 600mm to fill and had almost the same specification in mind. It's all been rather slow and as I'm only a few years younger than you I have found N gauge to be quite fiddly at times. The technology has also moved on a lot since I last modelled in the 1970s.

Eventually I have achieved a three level layout 0, + 40mm and +60mm, I had great difficulty constructing the ramps but with a lot of trial and error they now work fine. To make things easier I used Fleischmann setrack for the curves and flexible track everywhere else.

At the moment all the points are manual as I've yet to work out how to install the motors then operate the whole thing with Fleischmann's Twin-Center.

To further complicate things I have installed some Veissman catenary which again is quite fiddly, only about 10% of the layout is so far complete. I read various articles where modellers have installed the masts but not the pantograph wire or used fishing line instead of wire but nothing looks better than the real thing.

My next big step is to buy a non-DCC locomotive and decoder separately then install it, I'm getting very adventurous!

Our friend Godel has helped me as well, he is a mine of information so if you are there Godel, thank you very much!

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