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Me too - like (it seems) almost everyone, I was far too ambitious at first and jumped in with an over-complex layout 'to take full advantage of the space available'.
I'm getting there but it has been a slow ride and often very frustrating.
What have I learned? Keep it simple. Halve the complexity of your initial plan and then halve it again. Walk away for a week then go back and halve it again!
Don't try to build Clapham Junction. Much better to have one train meandering through lots of interesting scenery, coming in and out of sight etc, than five expresses all hurtling around complex figure-of-eights, chasing their tails and creating nightmares every time they derail. Keep pointwork (switching) to a minimum and keep points off the mainlines. Make the station your focus. Remember - every metre of track laid is a metre of track that has to be kept clean.

With as much space as you have you can do a LOT in OO/HO.

All for what it is worth etc., Mike
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