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The cash budget may not be limited but our time budget is limited for all of us. Even if you have plenty of time even building a model railway can become just another job, however much fun it is to start with. In O if you are going to build all your locos and rolling stock and then scratch build buildings as there are few kits available building a large layout could take forever....or seem like it.
One idea is to have a small to moderate station and then sweeping curves with nice rural scenery as this will not be held up by wiring and making numbers of buildings. The lower time/money investment rural sections can be pulled out later and replaced with more complex formations later, especially if this is planned for in the beginning. This is similar to what others have said in that it will pay not to be too ambitious until you have the measure of time and effort needed.
I wish you lots of enjoyment of it, and one other thing, a really nice music system in there might be a great investment !
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