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New layout Ideas Wanted ....please !

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Hi, Planning a new N Gauge ( my First ) layout for the SDJR ,( LMS following on past 1930) and GWR , based on a twin track junction area- ie like Highbridge were the SDJR crossed the GWR ,
size is one board 2.0 meters x 0.800 wide.
like watching the trains go by so continous run ,possibly third track ?? with both goods and passenger , some sidings ,
have to be two stations GWR & S&D, a small town ,
DC operation,
Curves are setrack 2nd and 3rd, straights are flexitrack all code 80,
been looking and reading loads of "how to books ", DVDs but not much strikes a cord .

so knowing what what good layouts people come up with I thought I`d ask for some ideas and guidance


egg & chips
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I have a track plan for Templecombe that appeared in the 1990 issue of Railway Modeller. Not to sure how the copy right laws appy so if you are interested send me a PM. It was for OO scale but I'm sure it could be adapted for N scale.

Charles Emerson
Hello Ozzie , Thanks for the offer but Templecombe is part LSWR not GWR , also my problem is how to fit the dual stations etc into space i have , reality is going to have to be bent a little me thinks !
Well there are three stations on the plan Evercreech junction, Shepton Mallet and Templecombe upper and lower so you have a choice for modellers licence.

Charles Emerson
How about a WHAT IF scenario based on Shepton Mallet? It had separate S&D and GWR stations in reality but what if it had been a joint undertaking? Radstock or Wells could be alternatives. The book An Historical Survey of the Somerset & Dorset Railway Track Layouts and Illustrations by CW Judge and CR Potts is great - and can probably be borrowed from your library. Good luck. S&D is a great choice (not so sure about the Grimy Wet and Rusty!).
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Hi, yes shepton mallet is a possible , seem to have read somewhere that Yeovil had three stations , I like the period charm of the S&DJR , and the colours of the GWR ,A joint station enables me to collect and run both !
Wincanton is another intresting station, you don't have adequate space for Templecombe if modelled accurately.
Mangotsfield on the LMS main line with it triangular junction and regular freights off the S&D would be my own choice, but it would take quite a bit more space.
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If you wish to favour the S&DJR be aware that traffic South of Templecombe was nowhere as interesting, the mineral traffic was basically between North and South Somerset, the connection to Bournemouth West was almost exclusively passenger+milk (Bailey Gate) with just two goods per day in each direction.

However the simpler stations are to be found south of Templecombe and your available room 2mx0.8m precludes anything larger than Stalbridge (or Henstridge) maybe Shillingstone, the latter has the advantage of a decent preservation movement and plenty of info.

I have a scanned trackplan of Shillingstone, if needed but you should be aware that you just do not have the room for anything bigger.
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