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Hi guys I am in the process of building a new shed of which I can use about half for a new layout, the shed is 7m x 5m.
I already had an old n gauge so I have quite a lot of track, points, rolling stock ect so with the max depth of 1500mm I think I will stick with n gauge.
So here is the problem I just cant think of a track plan!!!! I know some of what I want to incorporate but I just cant get a plan going in my head lol.
I have attached a baseboard plan to show you what I am thinking but that's where it ends.
I will have accesses all the way around the layout.

N gauge peco 55 and electrofrogs and flextrack, thinking minimum radius on main lines of 381mm??
Computer operated DCC using train controller and Digitrax loconet
Steam era set in the north?
Continuous double main line with one or more branch lines. ( I don't want track everywhere) one idea is to have a lower area under the layout for train storage, can use a helix or
I should have enough length to drop down to a accessible height. I don't mind using reversing loops on the layout.
A nice sized loco depot with coal and ash handling hopefully a turntable with a engine shed.
Not flat so use elevations and hidden sections.
Lots of Scenic runs through lots of countryside, Viaduct, bridge, river and hills.
I really like to have a couple of connected industry's i.e. a colliery with a destination such as a port! other ideas? Reason is I want to setup automated runs between locations.

So I need some track plan ideas???
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Graham.

Baseboard by grahama70, on Flickr

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"Any ideas" from a grumpy old man...

Refine your ideas of what you want. You currently have a contradiction between "not wanting track everywhere" and all the rest.

Loco depots are boring - unless you are fascinated by shuttling locos backwards and forwards. They generate very little other activity.

Do you want to see trains running through countryside - or what. Loco sheds of any size are rarely in countryside - another contradiction.

The American Railroad guys work on a principle of listing "Givens" and "Druthers" (things you'd like - but can't necessarily have, There's many of the latter.

Bear in mind that the more you plan to put in - the more work you will have - and the more maintenance.

Finally - your baseboards look horribly deep - this could cause significant future issues - unleaa you have immensely long armd and good balance.


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Yep got to agree with Bear, generally you can reach 1000mm and that is OK for OO/HO so in N 1,200 would cut down to 600 base wide

As things are your corners at the back will be inaccessible and cause you problems.

If you shed is 7m x 5m you get two options
1. 7m x 2.5m
2. 5m x 3.5m

For N either of these is terrific, if we assume your 5m size above then you got 3.5m deep and if the boards are 600mm wide then you get a middle space of 2.3 metres, you got 'loads of space'

So how about a 4 track main line, a high level up and down loop and a fiddle yard, if that goes to the corner you may try a back corner access, at this you could have 24 loops in the fiddle yard giving a good selection of trains for each of the 4 tracks.

Agree with Bear again, loco depot has little action but some were rural especially the later ones, the 5 m run gives the option for a great station also with a goods yard and parcel depot, you got the lot

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Hi guys I did mention in the original post that I will have access all the way around which means not much more than a 600mm reach anywhere.
I will have a work area at one end which is way its only 5m long.
I thought that being the size it is I would be able to incorporate a couple of industries and a engine yard or depot and still have some nice long scenic areas without having track everywhere ie a spaghetti jungle.
Thanks for the feedback. I guess i will downsize my of expectations of what i can fit in and have a rethink.

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I suggest spending a chunk of time looking at lots of lovely pics of trains of your preferred period - and not the scenery/track layouts. These days you can easily build up a file of the images you like so that you can play around with ideas.
From there start to put together a track plan - beginning with the minimum - personally I'd go for 2 track rather than 4 - it makes less complication all round - unless your prime aim is to see trains rolling and not doing much else (which is fine).
Then - referring to your pictures - start adding things. One "good" option is 2 track running line but broadening out to 4 track through platforms this can be 2 or 4 platform - look for the variations...
Don't forget to look at the signalling!
Most of all...


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