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Hi Scooby,

That's a hell of a lot to get onto a 6ft x 4ft board but I have had a go and come up with the suggestion below.

As you will see it is a double circuit twin track which will allow you to rise and fall at a maximum gradient of approximately 1 in 45. Virtually all track is either on a rising or falling gradient. Lots of scope for scenery. The sharper curves are 2nd and 3rd radii and the smoother ones, including the curved Main Line Station are flexitrack.

I know you specified a Branch Line returning to the Main Line but I have incorporated a Branch Line Terminus which rises up and crosses over the Main Line Station as I think this would provide more operational interest. The Fiddel Yard could also be made longer if necessary. Obviously I have not shown all pointwork yet but that can easily be added if the overall concept is OK.

Let me know if this fits the bill and if I can be of any more help.


1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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