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I'm new to this forum - please see my introductory thread Here

I will be creating a modern era DCC layout next year - however at the moment I have to negociate
the space available.

I basically have a choice of

1) 5.8mx1m - the ends would be deeper to provide a loop or possibly a helix - this would be against a wall.

2) 2.3 x 3.4m L Shaped layout

Does anyone have an opinion which would work best - a continous loop is a must (for the sake of my kids).


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Is is one or the other? No chance of linking them up?

Continuous track is a great way to run the trains and get the kids involved. A Dog-bone layout makes it look more realistic with the return loops perhaps hidden under the scenery. You could even have the loops above one another with the mainlines at different levels.
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