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Hi All

It is quicker and easier to dilute the PVA and apply on the walls with a pressurised garden insecticide sprayer, instead of using a paint brush; Except for around electrical fittings which should be 'masked up' to prevent any moisture from entering and the PVA applied by brush.

Unless you plan to stand on the base boards 2 x 1 softwood timber will be sufficiently strong for the tops, glued and screwed together.


What I would do is go to B&Q and get some under-laminate pulp board (Pack of 10 sheets) and some under laminate 3mm foam.

Cut the track bed to shape larger than the ballast line from the MDF board, and cutting holes for point motors. Fix in place onto the baseboard with PVA, cover with the 3mm plastic foam fixed in place with double sided sticky tape. Paint ballast colour. Fix track in place by mini drilling holes for the track pins and tapping pins home. Trim foam using the sleepers as a guide with a sharp curved scalpel blade (& handle) Touch in with track ballast colour paint (Matt household emulsion) Wire up and get everything working- when satisfied…

Cut road shapes from MDF and place in position followed by cutting the pulp board to shape along the track ballast line and road line and fit in place, don't glue in place. Fix layers of pulp board on top of each other using PVA and when dry shape to form the landscape. (I use a rotary wire brush and EYE PROTECTION AND MASK) when satisfied fix the roads and landscape together, but don't fix to the base board with glue. The concept is that the track is fixed to the base but the landscape is removable. This means that if a change of landscape is called for the section of landscape in question is lifted out and replaced with the new section or that the section is worked upon away from the main layout. Paint and texture in the normal way including ballasting etc

See my posting on landscaping methods for some illustrations and photos

John Pro
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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