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Welcome to the forum. I'm not a big fan of copper tape for a bus system, I firmly am in favour of an under the baseboard bus system. In it's simplest form this consists of two wires capable of handling say 7 amps. This is powered by two wires from your command unit. Droppers are wired from the track above and connected to the bus. That's it simple. The problem with copper tape is once you have applied scenery it can be difficult to find your connections "If you want to make changes". It's fine perhaps for a simple 8 x 4 kiddies layout on a track matt type style, but if you get a bit more suffocated tape might cramp your design.
Buy a couple of books and read up on what other folks do.
DCC made easy
Digital Command Control Ian Morton

The latter is well suited to British modellers, I recommend both books. Neither will brake the bank they may well save you making basic errors for the cost of a couple of pints !
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