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New Live Steam section

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As there has been interest raised in a dedicated Live Steam section, here it is.

For the moment, Hornby Live Steam models and modelling is not distinct from the other scales and models, but if there is a future demand, we may make that into a sub-forum.

To all the live steam engineers: Enjoy the forum!

I may even pull out my Live Steam set and get the Mallard going... Ah, the smell of smoke and oil
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Great news for those of us who enjoy burnt fingers!!

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Many thanks, Doug!

I'll get something posted on Hornby's 'Live Steam' section of their forum by the end of the week.

In explanation to those who may not know it, there has been a desire expressed recently on the Hornby forum to get 'Live Steam' people together both on the Internet and particularly to arrange demonstrations at exhibitions and the like. The publicity is partly to encourage others to join in this form of modelling and partly to encourage Hornby to continue supporting and producing live steam models, which in the last two years seem to have taken a 'back-burner' so to speak

Now the Hornby website does not allow the posting of photographs, personal messaging, the exchange of names and addresses or the like which would enable interested persons to arrange such activities outlined above. This is understandable when you are aware that the site is often accessed by children.
Doug has been kind enough to separate out 'Live Steam' into its own section. Even more important, Hornby have given me their formal permission to say on their Forum that this Forum will be hosting 'Live Steam' as a particular topic!

John Webb
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As someone who was very interested in buying the live steam set when it first came out but decided to wait until Hornby released an LMS locomotive I am amazed that this still hasn't happened. Hornby must have spent a considerable sum of money developing the live steam products and then to ignore them for nearly 3 years seems very strange to me. Hopefully this section can stimulate Hornby into releasing a Princess or a Scot int he live steam range soon!

I'd certainly love to see a steam streamlined-version of 'Duchess of Hamilton' - there should be plenty of room in that shaped body for the Hornby mechanism.

John Webb
Hello all ...I read John's comments on the Hornby forum,and thought I'd join in.

best regards
Thanks for the posting on the Hornby Forum. I have arrived as well. Are Hornby glad for another forum to take over from them i.e. shedding another responsibility as far as live steam is concerned. I am really convinced that 2009 will see the end of their efforts in promoting and producing live steam. What a waste. I shall be buying up as many variants as I can afford this year so that I can enjoy this part of the hobby for a long time to come. But we must keep trying to convince Hornby that there is a market out there and to produce some more (Southern) models.
Welcome to the forum, folks.

For information, the e-mail conversation I had with Hornby was basically pointing out that their Forum was not set up for individuals to easily get together, electronically or physically, in order to co-operate in the way a number of people had expressed that they wished to do, and would they allow mention of a forum where such co-operation could take place.

The reply I got was the simple one that they had no objection to such a mention, and indeed invited me to state that they were happy with such a mention.

Whether or not they were '....shedding another responsibility as far as live steam is concerned...' I have no idea whatsoever. I do get the feeling that they consider the 12 volt models more profitable that the live steam and that's bound to influence their commercial decisions; alas for us live steam enthusiasts.

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Hornby recently shut down the Scalextric forums. They may do the same with the train forums as they do take time and effort to manage.

We can develop this area in any direction that works to the advantage of members, if you have any ideas or requests then please let us know.
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