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Hi gang,
I am new to this forum and wanted to ask a couple questions in regards to the Ecos. All of my sound decoders are Loksound selects. Two of them are select directs. It seems the select directs support railcomm but the regular selects don't?

The other question I have and please bare with me on this lengthy explanation. I was using an NCE power cab for the control system. I know NCE does things a little differently when setting up consists and what address it sends commands to and depending on what loco you choose in the consist would be the front or rear.

I do have the lokprogrammer and with the Ecos I setup my first consist last night. I noticed that they all get the function command sent to them. Like if I press the F8 for startup / shutdown they all react (this I am fine with) but like F2 for horn they will all also react and I would much prefer only the lead loco to react.

On the settings of the decoders in lokprogrammer there is an area to set what functions the loco will listen to when in consist ( I can't remember what the actual terminology is off the top of my head.) I know functions F2 and F8 are not selected in that settings area. Is there anyway to get them to behave like they once did with the NCE? Other than this little tidbit I love the Ecos and the Loksound decoders. I am waiting for my serial number to be approved so I can update the firmware. I encountered the crash when cancelling edit on a consist last night.
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