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Hi, My name's Rich and I'm from leamington.
I don;t have a layout yet but i'm hoping to get started on something this year. My vague idea is a representation of Leamington Spa station as it is now in N-scale.

I've got a young son who's mad-keen on trains, thanks to thomas the tank engine and what i'd liketo be abel to do is make somethng he'll enjoy as much as I enjoyed my grandfather's when I was you. i've got a few years yet, thankfully.
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Welcome to the forum Rich,

I feel sure you'll find something useful in here!

I feel sure I saw a Thomas N gauge layout at one of the shows last year - could be worth a thought....


Hej. I'm also new... I found some usefull information and want to read this forum :)
Hi there Rich, welcome to the forums. Plenty of advice here for whatever you may want to do.
QUOTE (Piotr Maciejewski @ 18 Jan 2007, 14:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hej. I'm also new... I found some usefull information and want to read this forum :)

I may be the first to say Hi to a pole (even if slightly in the wrong place!!) but welcome anyway


Hello to both new members. It doesn't matter where you come from, the welcome is the same here.
Enjoy the forum.
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Well, I'm taking will (my son) to the warwick and leamington show this weekend (on sunday). I just hope he keeps his cool. he's not qite 2 yet so can be overexcitable. he does behave himself in modelshops, though. and will quite happily sit and stare at a layout for ages if there's somethgin happening.

I've been toying with the idea of, onthe side, just picking up a hornby thomas set just for him, as some of the big sets are being discounted in a couple of places. I'd have to buld a table and mount it under perspex for now, though.
Welcome to the forum Rich and Piotr. I'm sure you'll find plenty of interest here.
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