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Hello everyone, my name is Robert Stokes and I am 63 years young. I am a few years retired from a life-long career as a mathematics teacher. I have been interested in model railways for about 20 years now after the usual beginnings as a lad. I have started five or six 00 gauge layouts, all of which were running and some had scenery. However, none were completed, or even got to the ballasting stage due to house moves or children needing a bedroom etc.

I have been settled for a few years in the bungalow that I hope is my last abode. I started a small layout here in the corner of the garage but have decided that the car can stay outside and I will build a bigger one in most of the garage. I say 'most of it' for possibly a unique reason. The garage is larger than usual (for England anyway) at 18' 3" by 9', widening to 10' at the bungalow end. Since my wife and I have a Toyota Yaris which is not much over 11' long, I partitioned off one corner of the garage to make an office about 6' square. This left a space 4' wide, with another 6" on the window ledge, by about 10' long if it extended over the bonnet of the car. This has not proved large enough for a layout to satisfy me, or the collection of engines and rolling stock that I have, so the decision outlined above.

The layout will be an egg shape because, by having a little tunnel (yes a real one!) through a corner of the office, I can make a layout that is 14' by 9'. I am determined to finish this one. It will be based on the Settle and Carlisle line, partly because I wanted something with a BR(MR) 1950s setting, and partly because I so much admire the work of Andy McMillan. If I can get half of the realism he puts into his models then I will be well pleased.

Anyway, enough rambling for now. I am going to post specific questions on other parts of the site, and hope that one day I may be able to use my experience to help others with their enquiries.

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Welcome to the forum Robert,

I feel sure that you'll get more than the assistance you require here.

Enjoy your visits


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