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i'm from northern ireland, i have the hornby mixed goods set. my daughter has the hornby virgins train 125. we are planning on an 8' x 4' layout. i was wanting to do a shunting layout with a flare for the orient express, however my daughter wanted the hornby grand suspension bridge. she got it, so now i have to work it into the layout. i just got the bachmann class 20 diesel w/sound a few weeks back. really sounds great. next is the ecos. the merchant navy ( french version ) + the pullman coaches to match. + some hpa hoppers from bachmann, i think the look nice with a class 66.


have a nice day whereever you are
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Welcome to the forum John.

Always plenty of advice here - just ask away !

Please keep us posted on your progress.
Hi John welcome to the forum, the Ecos is a good choice. You'll have fun with that.
dbclass50 & neil.

thank you for welcoming me to the forum.
Welcome aboard

from the only British HO modeller on the forum (as far as I know)


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