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Lowrider Welcome to the Forum What part of the Ho spectrum are you modelling. I am interested in Swiss/ Gernan. Babs
Hi babz I am into UK and USA in ho and n ,at the moment I am getting the parts and rolling stock together the shed is built and ready so still a long way to go 馃憤

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... I am looking forward to seeing where this leads.
That's the attitude. It may very well lead where you didn't expect. The main thing is to find out what brings maximum enjoyment, relaxation, contentment <insert your priority here>. I have been very much influenced by an article written in a long forgotten publication in the 1950s, on a subject which needn't concern us, it's the principle espoused that matters. In summary:

I started out doing it conventionally along the lines suggested in mags. But it didn't ever quite work for me, there was just so much to do, much of it not really that interesting to me, and some critical aspects of performance were unsatisfactory. So I researched the 'why' of these aspects, designed and developed something better, and now I just do that, given up on everything else.

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Hello and welcome. A HO collector of 1900-1930s European here.
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