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Metcalfe Models announce that a new kit for a OO double track stone tunnel mouth kit complete with 100mm tunnel lining.

A pair of sturdy double track tunnel entrances in stone. This kit also has inner wall sections with stonework finish, and has both side walls and wing walls with buttressed ends, for an even greater choice of location. Width: 118mm at track level.

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This release follows the release of a stone version of their OO double track viaduct about 4 weeks ago.


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looks good.

i like using the metcalfe and the superquick kits as a basis for scratchbuilding. i copy them in plasticard. and detail them. its so nice doing some modelling withought having to think about any maths! i did a station building like this based on the metcalfe version. i was very pleased with it. its a pity i didnt have a digital camera back then.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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