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New models in OO announced from Q4 2019

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'Tis a little arbitrary, but to prevent the first such round up becoming a bloated mess, how about another for everything announced from
the start of Q4 2019 until end Q3 2020? We have an entry!

Hattons, with a range of generic 4 and 6 wheel coaches, in all the liveries under the sun (almost). I can see these being both liked and
derided. Excellent for those who want RTR 'Victorian' coaches, no use for those who want specific models.

Interestingly, in their possible train formations publicity, two of the steam locos are not available RTR: the beautiful SECR D class, and
the well known LNWR Precedent 2-4-0. Do Hattons hint here at items that may emerge in OO; and possibly from sources other than
Hattons, given that they have ranged fairly widely among other manufacturer's ranges for the suggested traction?
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Dapol to offer a GWR Manor in OO. (Posted that initially in the wrong thread!)

Also, an online catalogue:
And now Rails of Sheffield are asking for expressions of interest for a class 89, which many have been badgering for over recent
years. If there is sufficient interest, then Accurascale are the chosen supplier (apparently there are commonalities with the class
92 they have underway).
Rails now showing the second EP of their NRM/Dapol commission SECR Wainwright D class 4-4-0. Now I am no SECR specialist,
but have looked on this charmer regularly when visiting the NRM, and the model promises very well I think in capturing the
elegance of this design. In common with Hornby's excellent D16/3 the boiler is diecast: that promises well in getting sufficient
weight balanced over the coupled wheels for effective traction.
KR Models now seeking expressions of interest for both the Bulleid Leader and the Clayton DHP1 (centre cab DH type 3 developed
from the class 17 platform). Their GT3 and Fell projects are coming along: swiftly claiming the ground that was once dominated by
Heljan's range of one offs!
QUOTE (34C @ 6 Jan 2020, 13:07) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hornby Duchess with a diecast body. I won't go for the limited edition, but will wait in hope that this is to become a
regular range item...
Glad I made that call, I note irritation that the orders placed by retailers have not been fully met.
QUOTE (34C @ 6 Jan 2020, 13:07) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hornby...Another attractive item is a Duchess with a diecast body. I won't go for the limited edition, but will wait in hope that this
is to become a regular range item...
Which I won't buy, as Hornby have gone for a 'retro' look of oversize rivet heads, instead of making it to the current standard of
the diecast body steam models already in their range. Let's hope that doesn't catch on anytime soon...
And catching up with 'other doings', Bachmann have a new marketing operation EFE Rail selling a selection of OO items tooled
elsewhere. For OO the RTR offerings are:
Motorised version of the EFE 1938 tube stock, four car set. (Eye watering asking price.)
Kernow origin JIA hoppers.
Heljan origin Hymek.
DJM origin J94.

An interesting and eclectic mix. The 'explanation' for the Heljan item's inclusion is that some retailers do not stock Heljan, and this
appears to be a probe to see if wider distribution would be advantageous: good choice of one of their best liked models for such a
test of the market.
Hornby now waving their big LNER locos at us. And a few other slightly smaller items, the BR Std 2MT 2-6-0 anyone?.
Looking good altogether. The W1 in final service condition the stand out for me; as it is withdrawn the DP1 takes over d'y'see...
Heljan announce the Yorkshire Engine Company 0-4-0 DH shunter, TOPS 02. Very small indeed, and a neat design with the feature of
a centre rear door cab exit onto a handrail protected platform, which is different.

Think this should be popular, very good for minimum space layouts and confined locations on larger layouts.
Cavalex with a range of HAA MGR hoppers and at least one derivative. The excitement among the BR diesel contingent is very
evident at this prospect. There's every class of traction that dragged them around available...
QUOTE (34C @ 21 Aug 2020, 15:41) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hornby... the BR Std 2MT 2-6-0 ...
Looks pretty good, but the best part of a year away, (June 2021) the model railway business clearly getting increasingly tight for capacity. My feeling is that as China has pushed up wage rates to stimulate internal demand, the result is the need for more production capacity to satisfy it: and we are not talking models, but household hardwares, motor vehicles and the like, as ever more of their population gets mains power, decent roads and a shot at a more comfortable lifestyle.
KR models offering sets of RTR BR 56T side door iron ore bogie wagons, used on the Tyne Dock to Consett workings.

(Caveat. Proposed delivery date looks incredibly rapid to me, and the price extremely tempting. Has to be said, as yet this outfit hasn't supplied any product to the crowdfunders, and the product list has grown steadily since they stepped out into the sunlight coming up 2 years ago, so there's no evidence of what any of the product will be like, based on customer experience. Perhaps I am lucky in that nothing of what has been offered so far interests me, but should this outfit ever dangle something I want, then satisfactory fulfillment of a number of earlier projects would be required before my money went in...)
QUOTE (34C @ 12 Nov 2019, 14:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Whining your way, the 'Kerosene Castle' 18000, the GW's experimental gas turbine electric. Commissioned by Rails of Sheffield from
Heljan. It will be interesting to see the solution to getting it around curves, because there are deep fixed side panels around the wheel
sets which are 'a problem'...
Heljan appear to have made brisk progress, Rails showing a decorated sample with target availability Q1 2021, pandemic effects permitting.

Looks decent to me, but that's on the basis of comparison to photos only. Anyone buying? I'll be interested in the minimum radius question...
Not greatly surprised, I recall some comment regarding the announcement that the proposed price was steep for the immobile jib. Extending, elevating and turning - and thus poseable - would have been more attractive. Than again, Hattons clearly had some insight into the likely trend of prices, it looks in line with the general picture for a well detailed bogie wagon.

I expect that there may be more such announcements from various parties, as present reality begins to bite, and potential customers start making choices between food, rent/mortgage, keeping the car on the road, etc.
QUOTE (34C @ 23 Sep 2020, 19:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Cavalex with a range of HAA MGR hoppers and at least one derivative. The excitement among the BR diesel contingent is very evident at this prospect. There's every class of traction that dragged them around available...
And it appears that Accurascale are also adding HAA MGR hoppers to their range. So that makes two 'coming soon'. Between these two there should be enough production to enable every OO freight diesel traction enthusiast to operate full length trainloads: if they have a layout, or access to one...
An outfit that has been trading for a while increasing its presence, Planet industrials.

Majoring on complete conversion kits based on small RTR OO industrials, to enable modellers to produce variants relatively simply from other manufacturer's products.
Now have a running mechanism of their own in development, so stepping toward the RTR arena.

I believe there were pretty much as many small industrial steamers operating in the UK, as BR inherited from the four groups in 1948, 20,000+, and a great many diesels types too. No shortage of potential prototypes then...
Rapidly expanding selection. There's obviously a large potential range of product from Heljan, if this broader distribution programme succeeds sufficiently to justify further additions. Also potentially the 02 0-4-4T and NBL Warships from Kernow. Might there be product from further souces? Olivias, Rails, commissions by magazines, any more for the skylark?.
QUOTE (butler-henderson @ 7 Nov 2020, 19:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>... a class 10 of which none survive which does to me seem a strange choice as the ability to offer a loco in possibly numerous liveries / names carried by preserved examples obviously does not apply.
I can see two leading possibilities by way of reasons: the business owners simply like the subject and feel it will appeal to their target customer base; and with the subject somewhat obscure and limited in livery choices, that makes it unlikely to have an unfortunate duplication with a competitor?
Although announced far earlier than the start date of this thread, it is evident that the Bachmann 94xx is produced and 'at sea' as review samples have been made available. It appears Bachmann may be foillowing Hornby's lead, largely metal body construction; which I welcome if true.

QUOTE (butler-henderson @ 8 Nov 2020, 14:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>There a clear market been identified for industrials by the existing offering by Hornby and Hattons. In addition there is a decreasing number of Big 4 / BR locos that have not been made which would sell in any number, and equally a number already made which seem to fill up bargain lists. I would expect Bachmann once they have cleared their backlog (2025?) will come up with an industrial or two.
I was surprised how long it took the manufacturers to get around to industrials made to 'current standard', but this has to tell us something; and I suspect this is that our manufacturers weren't overly confident of their sales potential vs that of the railway companies and 'BR and after' traction.

Has gone well now it has been tried, and industrial steam is at five (?), and another recently announced, and the count must be similar in diesels? Now, what sort of legs has this category got? That question needs more offerings to be produced to test it. An obvious candidate in the steam group has to be the Neilson 0-4-0ST, a design that was effectively a standard in Scotland by its adoption by both the CR and NBR; and only the appalling Hornby 'Smokey Joe' as its competitor. That aside I don't know enough about the UK's industrial loco fleet to pick 'winners', though a passing thought would be the famous Burton on Trent breweries railway as a themed location for production of a group of industrial locos.

And how long before a manufacturer thinks to offer a crane loco, or a fireless type? Gotta work all the angles!
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And also: LNWR Precedent 2-4-0 or 'Jumbo', manufactured by Bachmann to a commission by Locomotion (NRM) and Rails of Sheffield. Photographs of what appear to be fully finished models accompany this announcement, so presumably not too long a wait for delivery. Again with diecast loco body, a very good idea for a small tender loco, and repeating the optional traction tyre fitted wheelset in the box for any owner wishing to fit it.

This was one of two locos not then available RTR featured in Hattons' illustrations of the trains that might be formed from their announced 'Genesis' range of four and six wheeled coaches, the other being the SECR D class 4-4-0, also coming from Locomotion and Rails of Sheffield.
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