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New models in OO announced from Q4 2019

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'Tis a little arbitrary, but to prevent the first such round up becoming a bloated mess, how about another for everything announced from
the start of Q4 2019 until end Q3 2020? We have an entry!

Hattons, with a range of generic 4 and 6 wheel coaches, in all the liveries under the sun (almost). I can see these being both liked and
derided. Excellent for those who want RTR 'Victorian' coaches, no use for those who want specific models.

Interestingly, in their possible train formations publicity, two of the steam locos are not available RTR: the beautiful SECR D class, and
the well known LNWR Precedent 2-4-0. Do Hattons hint here at items that may emerge in OO; and possibly from sources other than
Hattons, given that they have ranged fairly widely among other manufacturer's ranges for the suggested traction?
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The V2 for me, despite the attractions of the LNWR's little rocket ship!
It appears that Dapol's GWR mogul is available, DCC ready versions only; as the DCC fitted and sound options are equipped with decoders by Dapol in the UK, thus incurring some delay before they are with retailers.

I am interested in this specimen's loco to tender 'plug in' connector's functioning, as this arrangement will also be used on the D class 4-4-0 Dapol are producing for Rails: so anyone here purchasing the mogul and prepared to evaluate and comment?
QUOTE (PAPPA.B @ 21 Nov 2020, 18:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Just received my Dapol 43xx ...The engine is one of my favourites as it had many duties and was found all over the GWR...
A very useful model I should hope for many GW/WR modellers, one of the less glamorous mixed traffic classes that proportionately did more to pay the bills than the ever popular express types.

Something I have seen reported on this model that surprised me, an owner accidentally 'regauged' the pony truck wheelset, because it has a split axle construction and this had some slack in it. Worth checking out, and if true and there is slack on yours adding a DIY packing washer and a dab of cyano to keep that wheeelset permanently correctly gauged.
Likewise. I use the Lenz Standard in every model that has an intrinsically sweet running mechanism and no issue with internal volume to accommodate it. So far that's been all my Hornby of post 2000 design, though I have nothing smaller than the class 08, J15 and J50, so not really challenged for internal volume. They all glide about most satisfactorily.
QUOTE (PAPPA.B @ 30 Nov 2020, 20:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Lenz standard it will be sounds quite reasonably priced too.
It is, and for this reason you may find it unavailable at what is a busy time of year.

If so the Zimo MX600R, typically £20, is the next to go for. That extra £2 buys a whole lot more motor control adjustment, which you are not going to need on a current standard Hornby mechanism. So what you do when a Lenz Standard is available, is swap that in, and then you have the Zimo ready for when a less than stellar mechanism comes your way: it will cudgel quite respectable running performance out of things as dire as an Airfix tender drive or the first Triang motor bogies. (Won't do anything for the horrible noise output...)
And Rapido now: 0-6-0T time, Large Hunslet and 15xx, planned availability 2021 and 2022 respectively.
QUOTE (34C @ 13 Nov 2020, 14:36) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>...Dapol's GWR mogul... I am interested in this specimen's loco to tender 'plug in' connector's functioning, as this arrangement will also be used on the D class 4-4-0 Dapol are producing for Rails...
Now seen a couple of owner comments that with some use separating loco from tender - and keep in mind models have only been in owner's hands for about three weeks - it becomes slack and can uncouple while running. Oh well, I have to modify most RTR loco to tender linkages other than Bachmann's, whose screw lockable slide engaging a drawbar properly located through the drag boxes is the clear benchmark in RTR OO.
It has just dawned on me that for the first time since my 'restart' in railway modelling in 1999, (purchased 2 x Bachmann WD 2-8-0, and a selection of their 16T minerals for evaluation, decision to go with late BR steam on the ECML made) 2020 looks to be the first year that not one all newly tooled RTR introduction of that year will be purchased. My last such was Dapol's quite excellent NBL DE type 2 (TOPS 21) that first appeared about this time of year in 2019. (I waited for a good price on Hornby's 2019 introduction of the J36, bought that earlier this year, and very fine it is too; my sole 'newish introduction fix'.)

There's plenty of announced that I would like, since they are 'perfect fits' for my modelling interests: Bachmann V2, Heljan O2/1 and O2/2, Hornby A2/3 and W1, Oxford J26/27 and GER van, Rails/Bachmann Caley 812, all in BR condition, heading the list. But none of it on the retailer's shelves, and come to that, the fourth version of Oxford's natty little N7 hasn't yet appeared either.
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QUOTE (kristopher1805 @ 15 Dec 2020, 13:44) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>...I contemplate for the first time in 20 years nothing new for Christmas! ... as above A2/3, W1, J26/7, well cannot buy what I cannot see!...
But of course we know this is a 'first world problem', and with our extensive collections already running on our layouts there isn't that much to complain about! Having had so much difficulty making a reliable running job of the old Stephen Poole whitemetal kit J15 - only really succeeding on the third mechanism attempt, now long worn out - I do so enjoy the Hornby J15, quiet, powerful, highly competent. I might yet see if it is possible to fit the Hornby mech into the old w/m body, as this is a portrait of Hitchin's 65479, which on one occasion at least made it up the ECML to 'Top Shed' where it stood dwarfed by all the mighty pacificness. (A1 to the left, A3 60075 to the right!)

QUOTE (kristopher1805 @ 15 Dec 2020, 13:44) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>...The Heljan 2-4-2tank for the L&B is £203 plus pennies when it turns up and I hope it is better than the nicely presented 2-6-2t Manning Wardles that have issues....
That's brave. With the experience you have had I would 'wait and see'. There's OO9 coming from the Peco/Kato collaboration. Kato mechs are something else...
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That's about as much as I know, not being personally interested in NG just took note of it in passing!

Apparently the Peco announcement is on FACEBOOK! That's a shout of total amazement. This from the business that until last week would have much much preferred to correspond by post if you weren't prepared to visit in person.

Whatever, the easiest to access retailer site has this:
Desireable as a better model of a V2 may be, the first standard BR green release from Bachmann is now scheduled for August/September 2021 in their release schedule. So a year away in real time. The old Bachmann models must soldier on...
QUOTE (PAPPA.B @ 21 Nov 2020, 18:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Just received my Dapol 43xx DCC Fitted it looks good so far . But i had a long week and a busy day so decided to de-stress with a couple of beers so not really in the ideal frame of mind to take an in depth look at it...
How does yours run? A fairly consistent report is emerging that the gear ratio used is inappropriate, basically too small a reduction ratio: so that the model has way overscale maximum speed, and is unable to move smoothly at dead slow speeds, and jerks into and out of motion. Potentially an easy problem for Dapol to fix, if they are so minded...
QUOTE (Graham Plowman @ 30 Dec 2020, 02:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I have the same problem of jerky starts and jerky low speed with the Dapol class 22 Diesel Hydraulic. Strange thing is that it does this both on vanilla DC (with blanking plate and no decoder) and DCC (ESU Loksound 5) and it is worse in one direction than the other. Clearly a mechanical issue, not electronic. Have even replaced the motor with a new one and it made no difference. I suspect that the problem is a combination of the gear ratio being too high and the motor not being physically capable of running slow enough without jerking.

Kinda puts me off buying any other Dapol 00 locos as this isn't the first loco of theirs I have had with the same problem.
I was concerned about Dapol's inconsistency in 'centre motor both bogies driven' mechanism performance, ahead of my class 21 purchase. The only previous example of their work that I get to see regularly is an LMS 10000 owned by a friend; that performs admirably in all respects, silent, smooth from a dead slow creep, ample traction, and the on line reports were consistently favourable. Against that, reports of the 22 and 52 were 'mixed'. From what I have read reported a major problem is the pick up off the split axles, and modification to wiper pick up has made good out of poor runners; there may be further problems but not enough evidence to identify other 'definites'.

The running of my one example of their 21 is all it should be: immediately mechanically 'perfect' on a resistance controller, very refined indeed on DCC, and the general reception this model has received so far indicates it is pretty much trouble free. (The only significant criticism I have in respect of the class 21/29 mechanism is 'where's the assembly and parts diagram?'.) I'll be watching for any drop off in performance and should it happen this model will receive a wiper pick up mod.

Dapol's B4 0-4-0T is well regarded for mechanism performance, and I have seen one on an exhibition layout performing admirably, so the poor (too small) gear ratio choice on the 43xx is a surprise. The reports of the 43xx from those that operate their models are sufficiently unanimous that I regard this as fact, even though no one yet appears to have reported what the gear ratio is, nor the gear train layout! (If I had one and it exhibited the scale 5mph minimum crawl speed and way excessive maximum speed , it would be in pieces to see if the gear train has been misassembled. This is always possible if there is one or more intermediate stage between the pinion and the axle gear. Unfortunately GWR enthusiasts appear to be consistently devoid of any mechanical insight...)
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Hornby dangling more big steam stuff for 2021, so one suspects the 2020 range of big steam stuff must have done something positive for the business.
The metal bodied Duchess in BR green, and the next metal bodied pacific is a Bulleid MN in original condition.

Streamlined form P2 2-8-2, that'll scream off the shelves.

All new 9F too. Can they beat the Bachmann?

Among the reliveries of existing tooling, the much requested BR Clan.

And rather than fall out with Hattons, it's one big knee in the groin, here's our 4 and 6 wheel coaches. That's the way to do it, don't throw a fit, just compete!
QUOTE (Andrew Rolland @ 5 Jan 2021, 17:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>...What's with the Beatles stuff? Have I missed something?
I expect that's just a significant commercial exploitation of something or other. What those Scousers had to do with railways escapes me to. Next thing you know it will be a Spice Girls Special train, Game of Thrones Express, or invent your own similar nonsense. (Just so long as Hornby make a thumping great profit on it, that's fine as it will sustain the business for the future.)

QUOTE (PeterPug @ 5 Jan 2021, 17:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>... I may be tempted by a Clan - lovely looking based on the photos I've seen, but I never actually saw a real one; it's sad that they've all gone really, but I gather they weren't such a great success.
When handled appropriately this class is known to have performed well. There may have been detail design aspects that required attention (similar to the poor draughting of the Riddles 8P) but there is unlikely to have been anything fundamentally wrong with the design.
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QUOTE (dwb @ 5 Jan 2021, 21:03) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>...I think I was spoilt by last year. I was rather underwhelmed ...
Then again, everything I was interested in from Hornby's 2020 range has yet to arrive...

I am most interested to see how Hornby tackle the 9F, and how they might improve on the Bachmann model, which has some minor shortcomings. There's a lot of competition in announced big engines, and I am very happy with my Bachmann 9Fs as fully effective operational layout locos.
QUOTE (dwb @ 6 Jan 2021, 00:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It will be interesting but as I have two Bachmanns and a Hornby Crosti, I'm not really in the market for another one ...
Neither am I, but if it delivers on all the small features which aren't quite right on the Bachmann, and performs equal or better, then I'll have the ER BR1F model, if only to encourage Hornby to properly focus on the East Coast.

QUOTE (dwb @ 6 Jan 2021, 00:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>... if I was looking for something with 'heritage' why not a metal bodied 8F to channel the spirit of the old HD model? I would buy one of those ...
So fed up of waiting I now have a H-D 8F body on the current Hornby mechanism. Doesn't fix the motor block intrusion with spinning gear shaft, but does at least now pull like a hero, and as I get around to adding detail absent from the H-D body it is very evident how well that old casting 'gets the look'.
QUOTE (Graham Plowman @ 6 Jan 2021, 23:52) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>...One way to test this on the workbench would be to attach a wire to the rails and directly to the track pickup connections on the motherboard, bypassing the pickups completely.
I'm going to give it a go, but I don't think this is the problem.
My Dapol 22 is much more jerky at low speed in one direction than it is in the other direction.
The jerking is consistent with movements of the motor armature which suggests to me that the gear ratio is too high for the motor at low speeds such that the motor is not capable of running slow enough to make the loco run smoothly at low speeds.
Another option might be to source a completely different motor such as a Heljan or Mashima. Will be good fun trying to fit them...
I'll await your findings with interest!

The only Dapol twin bogie model I have really followed in terms of mechanism performance was the class 22, because I anticipated that much of that model's arrangements might be shared with the class 21. It didn't make happy reading, and a glance at the reports of the Dapol 52 and 73 had much in common. Jerky at low speed in one direction only was a regular problem, and I never read a fully satisfactory diagnosis. The closest to an explanation was circuit board malfunctions, due to poorly installed components/component failures. But no one 'went for it' completely bypassing the circuit board to check the effect of direct DC supply to the motor terminals; either returning the models for refund, or sending them to DCC Supplies as the repair agent for rectification.

(So far so good with my sole example of a 21, and that's been generally true of online reports as well, so Dapol may well have got it right with their manufacturing partner this time.)
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Announced long before Q4 2019, but whatever: the Bachmann 94xx is trickling out. It appears to be the Locomotion version of the 'as preserved' 9400 that has been the first to become available.
Exactly. Hornby are going for a completely new 9F model, and the guess is that they are really going to push to boat out to exceed what the Bachmann 9F offers. I will be watching this one with great interest to see how Hornby handle the mechanism challenges the 9F presents, while achieving superior fidelity. Can they do it with no loss of reliability, robustness, smooth drive and traction when compared to the current champion? My Bach 9Fs are something of a touchstone for performance, completely trouble free RTR models, ideal working layout locos. Since Hornby are offering an ER BR1F equipped model, I am definitely in for one, it would be rude not to for a start, and then Hornby do need to be reminded to maintain focus on the dry side.

In other news, the Gresley A1 and A3 too. The photos at the launch were of the existing model, (and quite likely that this will be the case in the catalogue too) but this is getting a makeover with specific mention of a cast footplate. If they would also care to improve the valve gear and plug the hole through the frames immediately rear of the cylinders that would be good. The 2004 Gresley pacific mechanism first seen on the A4 is decidedly behind the pace compared to recent mechanism appearance...
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