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New models in OO announced from Q4 2019

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'Tis a little arbitrary, but to prevent the first such round up becoming a bloated mess, how about another for everything announced from
the start of Q4 2019 until end Q3 2020? We have an entry!

Hattons, with a range of generic 4 and 6 wheel coaches, in all the liveries under the sun (almost). I can see these being both liked and
derided. Excellent for those who want RTR 'Victorian' coaches, no use for those who want specific models.

Interestingly, in their possible train formations publicity, two of the steam locos are not available RTR: the beautiful SECR D class, and
the well known LNWR Precedent 2-4-0. Do Hattons hint here at items that may emerge in OO; and possibly from sources other than
Hattons, given that they have ranged fairly widely among other manufacturer's ranges for the suggested traction?
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Throwing temptation in my path! Very likely I will succumb, good to know it is going ahead.
Further on the Oxford Rail J27 which has now completed its acceptance test running; good as it was on DC, yet better on DCC with a Zimo MX638 decoder. No surprises there, but it is still very welcome to get such fine performance so easily, compared to what effort was required in the days of kitbuilding as the only way to obtain good scale models.

One minor 'finding'. OR have obligingly provided a scale distance coupling option on the loco to tender drawbar, which I have used for the benefit to appearance. This restricts the loco to curve radii greater than 30", and ideally 36" or greater, if the fall plate is resting on the tender step. Hinge the fallplate up a little and it will tackle smaller radii, but how far it will go I cannot at present determine.
I have now filed a little clearance in the rear of the fall plate to clear the stanchion of the tender brake handle, which proved to be all that was required to allow free movement between loco and tender down to a 30" radius with the 'scale distance' setting provided for on the drawbar in use.
Accurascale announce BR mk2b stock. Much excitement from the corporate dullness enthusiasts. (Just my bias, YMMV.)
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Currently 'whining' their way across the North Sea, the Brown-Boveri gas turbine loco model made by Heljan, commissioned by Rails of Sheffield. Looks neatly done, capturing the very distinctive appearance; and since Heljan definitely know how to make a twin bogie drive that does all it should in the running and pulling department, it is likely to please most buyers.

So that's only the Metrovick left of UK gas turbine locos, without a RTR OO model. Anyone prepared to bet against that being announced within the next two or three years?
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I see reports from the first few owners of the Rails/Heljan 18000 gas turbine model. And one of them discovering it won't go round a 3rd Radius curve due to fouling of the bogies and/or wheels inside the bodywork (with the body off it sails round no trouble). This was entirely predictable, even though the model's body shape has been significantly distorted*, in order to win more width for the bogies to swing. Wait for the whining from those that don't realise that geometry is inflexible in such matters.

*The prototype had side frames set noticeably narrower than the body sides, and much of the top half of the 4 foot diameter driven wheels are inside those frames. The model appears to be entirely flush sided, and thus the frames are set further outboard than they should be, which will 'pass' in most folk's eyes. But it appears that this compromise may not be enough for set track curve capability.

...So that's only the Metrovick left of UK gas turbine locos, without a RTR OO model. Anyone prepared to bet against that being announced within the next two or three years?
Quelle surprise!, Rails are now dangling an OO model ...
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Due November apparently...
And looks like it is going to be available at month end by dealer reports. I am interested in any member reports, particularly relating to mechanism construction and performance, against the day that Dapol might chance on a 'black' steam loco from the LNER group.
It's a fair bet now that my personal 'newly introduced loco of the year' award goes to Oxford's J27. It's the only one such that sprung the money from my wallet; and has done all it should on the layout, well pleased and especially at the price. (Looked at a Hornby A2/3, and decided that it wasn't going to make the cut, just not as pretty as the much superior Pepp A2's which I already have and which more than adequately represent the A2 group.)

Now a question, will the J27 (and closely related J26) be the last newly tooled locos released under the Oxford name, since it is now fully owned by Hornby?

There were quite a number of wagon announcements I should have liked to buy, Accurascale win the prize for actually getting their items on sale, and very good too (BR 21T and 24.5T minerals).
Out now should be the 51xx Large Prairie by Dapol ...
It has gone on sale. No one here bought one? Looks much like a large Prairie based on photos. I have a feeling that combining the best aspects of the Dapol and Hornby models would produce something very close to accurately representing the prototype...

Two 'oldies' made by Bachmann advertised as about to appear, subject to the current general supply disruption: for Rails of Sheffield the CR/LMS/BR 812 0-6-0; for Locomotion and Rails of Sheffield the LNWR/LMS improved Precedent 2-4-0.

Both good loco subjects drawn from sorely neglected yet important pre-group companies.

I was very keen on the 812 0-6-0, but not so much having seen photos. Lot of clumsy detail rendering, well off the standards that Bachmann have previously achieved. I will be waiting until a cheap black LMS or BR model is available, that I can attack and modify to taste as required. (I nearly typed 'improve' but decided 'modify' would be more accurate.)

The Precedent looks as it should, delightful. Option to replace the traction tyred wheelset is a good move.
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... the 812 remains interesting but 34C are we getting picky? given we had nothing before...
I have always been picky in respect of 'just doesn't look right'; and that's the smell given off by this one; on the basis of the photographic evidence currently available.

Maybe the tender top flare will look better in reality? However the vertical handrail at the rear of the cab is clearly lumpen, going to have to be replaced in wire. Bachmann have demonstrated better on earlier models such as the ROD/O4, so this is not a case of 'best we could achieve'.

This isn't remotely an essential loco for my modelling interest, so if it doesn't impress that may be that, for all that I genuinely like 0-6-0s as model subjects and want a representative selection of the pre-group classes distributed around the UK. (On a different note, have yet to buy a Black 5 as the available model just doesn't quite cut it for me, and those did occasionally bowl up at KX, so one example is really required. (Come on 'someone' there's room for a really fine model, perhaps tooled for some of the variants?)
...I find this frustrating and nice but odd that the Double Fairlie gets such attention when there were 4 of them?...
Novelty is all and only what that is about.
Distinctly different, colourful and attractive​
Likely to be the all time champion best performing RTR UK OO9 steam model ever​
Goes forwards and - er - forwards, so endless column inches can be filled with 'solutions' for DCC​
Loads of new layouts with names like Slate Summit, Gwynedd Beat, Caernarfon Fields, Little Beddgelert​
Practically writes itself: I am not a journalist and all the above was effortless.
... the huge price for a Fairlie probably reflects the air freight costs.
The price is what the manufacturer thinks they can get for it. As what is clearly the best steam model ever produced for UK RTR OO9, I would have gone for 'as much as we can' pricing. And if they sell out rapidly, and then start being sold on for more...

Wonder how airfreight now shapes up - especially for smaller and lighter product - compared to sea freight? When you factor in time to recover the investment, and market's starved of supply, I'd not be surprised that it begins to look the better choice.
Now here's some Accurascale rolling stock I might actually buy if I could convince myself that a crimson or maroon example might have escaped from the Western Region on a day trip to the West Riding ...
They will have done on occasion. May not have returned home, look pretty much ideal for pigeon lofts, hen coops, whippet kennels... (The common 'foreign' NPCS up North in BR days were the long wheelbase SR vans. The thought has occurred to me that this may been because they were either or both of the right size for the typical load, and small enough to enter rail served industrial premises with tight clearances.)
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I see that those that ordered the Improved Precedent from Rails of Sheffield are receiving them, the models looking very neat indeed, the LNWR black setting off their Creweness. First 2-4-0 tender loco in RTR OO, and very much the 'last significant blast' for fast express service of this once very widely used wheel arrangement. (After this it's going to be the 'big engine'; the year after the last of this class was turned out the Ivatt large atlantic was on the road, demonstrating the way forward, use the wide firebox for maximum express passenger power.)
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And Bachmann's long awaited V2 has begun to arrive with those that pre-ordered. Much better than anything that went before, so I expect I'll be acquiring one in the new year, if there are any BR late crest examples still available.
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