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New models - what guarantee!

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Does the various manufacturers have or show any respect after sales towards their customers?
I bought a Fleischmann 614 DMU diesel multiple unit from a Fleischmann registered retailer - right from the start, the unit emitted a loud grating sound while traversing over my layout. Fleischmann advised me to return the powered part of the unit to their address in the UK, cost of postage to be paid by me.
After four weeks, the unit was returned to my address in the same packaging I had used. No compliment slip or note was included to apologise for the inconvenience in having to send the unit back to Fleischmann or indeed as to cause of the noise emitted by the unit.
I soon found out as to why the absence of a note - the unit, to my horror was emitting the same irratating noise - in other words in plain english, nothing had been done and most probably not even checked over - the bubble wrap enclosing the unit, to me, looked very much like my own way of packing.
Prior to sending back the unit, Fleischmann stated that only one other model made a similar noise while in motion, and probably my unit would require some TLC and oiling of the gears. Certainly it looks like Fleischmann did not indulge my unit with lots of TLC and appropriate oil.
Fleischmann must have a strong hold of the H0/N gauges market and can afford to treat customers in such disgraceful manner.
I had a similar case with Bachmann over a guaranteed Class 158 making a not acceptable noise - the unit was returned in a identical manner, no repair being carried out.
Is this the way of manufacturers having no respect for their customers, to be accepted as normal for the 21st century. Slow
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I wonder how much of this is due to their British department. Have you attempted to contact Fleischmann in Germany?

The other question is why didn't you return it to the dealer and have the dealer deal with Fleischmann? I know if I bought it from a dealer I would expect to return it to them and not have to send it to Fleischmann, especially if it was purchased new as you said. That would be the first place I would consider no longer visiting.
I would think that the excessive noise is unsatisfactory. While I can't tell you what to do I would lodge a formal complaint with Fleischmann of Germany. Language should not be a problem or an excuse. I've lived in Germany for four years and any company the size of Fleischmann will have many English speakers. I would also lodge a complaint with your version of the better business bureau and also look towards the numourous consumer groups that are up and about.
Well there you have it. Seems that the German companies may have a thing or two to learn from the Brits! A common trend maybe that you should find a dealer that you can work with and try to channel your purchases through them. I think we would do each other a favor by promoting those dealers that go the extra mile, or is that kilometer? While others that suggest your on your own when dealing with the manufacturer be given the cold shoulder.
I guess I've been lucky, any problem that I've had has been dealt with by the dealer. As far as my favorite manufacturer it would have to be Minitrix whose models have even higher detail than Fleischmann and the variety of their offerings (I'm talking European not British).
...probably nothing, but heck we can dream can't we?
You would assume that. You would also assume that they would want to use these forums for disseminating information on new products... I remember AtlasF1 had to struggle many years before they were taken seriously.
Yes, that's the forum. Now they are part of Autosport magazine while before they didn't get much respect.
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