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As you may have guessed, I am new here!

I'm James and I'm from near Beverley in Yorkshire. I've been interested in railways for as long as I can remember - caught the interest off my dad! He has a lot to answer for now! My main railway interests are the recent past (what I see/saw when out spotting), NE region in the fifties and sixties, end of BR steam, as well as Diesels in general - with a bit of narrow gauge thrown in for good measure! I've been building models professionally since I was 16.

I'm a member of variuous societies;

- Scalefour Society
- Model Bus Federation
- 009 Society
- British Trolleybus Society

My other interests are cricket, coaching junior/youth cricket, cars (my Rover 620ti in particular), buses, model buses and, of course, the beautiful and very tolerent Suzi!

Some examples of my of what I get up to -

Much modified Class 40 in P4-

Rebuilt class 56 -

A rebuilt Class 37 - won its class at Scaleforum 2005 -

Click for bigger picture.

Rebuilt Heljan 47 with scratchbuilt underframe -

Not finished yet, an on going project!

And finally for now, a 37/6 converted from a 37/0


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Thank you for the warm welcome!

There's nothing wrong with diesels!

If you're good I might post some pictures of alternately powered motive power!

QUOTE (Heinz @ 2 Sep 2006, 09:40) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Gday mate!
We seem to have much in common.

Trains, cricket

and cars

Holden Torana Lx is my pride and joy, im sure you aussies know what im talking about

Glad to have you here

I know which car you mean too!

You do sound like a man of taste!
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