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Having moved house to one where the previous owner had a layout in a converted loft and a small heated room as well, I now need to start planning my layout again.
I have a space 13ft x 8ft 6in but can go a further 4ft in length if I cross the doorway. I am not too bothered about tight curves and all my stock will run round radius 1 easily, so although it isn't popular I need to use it as I want the longest loops possible in the space as I'm fed up with trains chasing their tails on previous layouts. Some of the tighter loops will be hidden.
I plan on a double track of basically 'dog bones' but additionally bent back on itself as well so each track gives the impression of a double track and on two different levels.
The lower level will be a passenger line with a simple station with passing loop, and the upper line will have a goods yard and sidings for a bit of shunting, no connection. Basically it will be a train set, but built to model railway scenic standards to play trains on, and allow for many scenic dioramas to be included such as bridges, rivers, beach and cliff top, maybe a pier and a boat. A twin level storage yard will be on the two lines exiting towards the door.
Planning layouts is nearly as much fun as building them and this may go on for quite a while yet.
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The way the plan is shown means you will have R1 on both tracks and that will create issues especially if you want to operate better locos they will all need R2, R1 basically holds you to Hornby Railroad assuming this is an OO layout unless operating small tank locos
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