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Just to let you know that I have launched a new range of decals - Electra Plus.

This is a range of full coloured bodyside decals, featuring clear windows. The range has been designed to convert Graham Farish coaches into a wide variety of DMUs, EMUs and hauled coaches.

These feature a two stage system consisting of a white backing layer and a coloured top layer. The latter uses the same decal paper as the existing range which goes perfectly clear when varnished with acrylic. Full instructions are provided. The Farish shell needs to be stripped down to clear plastic using Brasso or Superstrip.

So far, the range consists of:

Class 158 2-Car DMU - Provincial Express, West Yorkshire (original and new), Arriva Wales (silver or turqouise), Wessex Trains Richard Trevithick, Wales and West Experimental blue/orange/silver and SouthWest Trains.

Class 411 4-Car EMU (Refurbished) - blue/grey, Jaffa Cake, NSE, SouthWest Trains, Connex and SouthEastern Trains (ex-SWT).

Mark 1 FO - crimson/cream, chocolate/cream, maroon, blue/grey and INTERCITY charter fleet.

Full details can be found on our website here:

MkII stock and more Southern EMUs and DEMUs will soon follow, mirroring the existing ERG range. He has the full range in stock at the N Gauge Show at Leamington Spa this weekend.

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