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New Sapphire Decoder from Hornby

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Hornby are proud to announce the introduction of a new multi function decoder for those Digital enthusiasts who like to customise the control of their locomotives. The Hornby Sapphire will offer many, if not more features, including RailCom® than the Digital enthusiast would expect from a top of the range decoder.

Available in the second quarter this addition to the Hornby Digital range of products is a positive step towards Hornby's commitment to Digital control for model railways.

This is very welcome news indeed. Lets just hope that the decoders are available
soon. I'm secretly hoping that they are actually Lenz Gold decoders with a big
Hornby logo on top and sold for half the price of the normal Lenz...


Also in the News is info about Hornby offering DCC Ready locos - of the
models that were originally only to be releases as DCC Fitted. Se

for more.
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QUOTE (rb277170 @ 22 Jan 2007, 20:21) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Spot on dwb but you've forgotten Hornbys high margins .

Can I just ask why the rest of Europe gets DCC Ready but why Hornby were seeking to impose DCC Fitted here? Is it because they thought they were big enough to force the change!

Must admit I find all these messages congratualting Hornby on MREmag a bit much.

They got it wrong!

They thought they could get away with imposing DCC on all of us
They thought DCC fitted would work on all DC (or failed to appreciate some areas of concern)
They thought they could get away with charging £15 for a decoder.
They thought the current R8215 decoder was good enough (they are only forced into Sapphire because it isn't . If it wasn't a quick forced decision , how come it doesn't appear in the 2007 catalogue. You might wonder is it even designed yet?)
They deserted and disappointed their loyal DC base to make a quick buck on DCC(no other manufacturer US/Europe/UK has done ths!)

This wasn't by accident. The Hornby Board and marketeers sat down and made these decisions.

Again they got it wrong! Only because of the mass of protest have they done a U turn

I wonder how many of the edited MREmag messages were anti Hornby?

I bought a Britannia 70030 (which referred to in a review elsewhere) and complained to Hornby about the fixed trailing wheel and got a response which incensed me. They thought that because it looked good it was good and the take-up on the model was good. I don't know who is informing Hornby of this encouraging result? Any ideas? I have corresponded with Hornby for a long time and I was quite taken by surprise by the 'We have got it right' response. I suppose that 'caveat emptor' should have prevailed and I should have looked at the trailing bogie more closely, then not bought it! I have certainly done that where the rebuilt WC/BoB is concerned, which is even more annoying as I put that on a wish list passed to Hornby when the Rebuilt Merchant Navy was released.

This attitude of Hornby is quite odd, because they say that they listen to their customers, but I have been watching the emergence of Hornby into the DCC Arena, and found that their take on this area of operations as strange, as if they are trying to create a captive audience as if Hornby DCC was the only way to go, when we all know the way is open source (look at the ESU Ecos) and has to be NMRA Compliant, to be effective. I am intending to get a ESU Ecos to work with my ZTC 511, controlling TCS/Lenz decoders and accessories. Someone will have to do a lot of persuading for me to buy Hornby DCC equipment in any quantity.

On the attitude of the Railway Mags,so far I can't see an editorial blast at Hornby, as if they are being protected for being the Holy Grail, being the only British Model Railway Company. Am I wrong in thinking this?
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