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New Sapphire Decoder from Hornby

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Hornby are proud to announce the introduction of a new multi function decoder for those Digital enthusiasts who like to customise the control of their locomotives. The Hornby Sapphire will offer many, if not more features, including RailCom® than the Digital enthusiast would expect from a top of the range decoder.

Available in the second quarter this addition to the Hornby Digital range of products is a positive step towards Hornby's commitment to Digital control for model railways.

This is very welcome news indeed. Lets just hope that the decoders are available
soon. I'm secretly hoping that they are actually Lenz Gold decoders with a big
Hornby logo on top and sold for half the price of the normal Lenz...


Also in the News is info about Hornby offering DCC Ready locos - of the
models that were originally only to be releases as DCC Fitted. Se

for more.
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Hi All,

I've just read this thread with great interest. I'm thinking of starting up a model railway again (ex Zero 1 user) and before I start spending my hard earned pennies I'm reading as much as poss!!

The Lenz Gold decoder seems highly recommended and I think I'll go with it instead of Hornby's new Sapphire.

Is their a Lenz Gold Range? If so which decoder would be recommended for oo Gauge Diesel models?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Doug,

Thanks for reply. I take it the Lenz decoder is compatible with Hornby DCC such as the Elite?

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