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New Sapphire Decoder from Hornby

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Hornby are proud to announce the introduction of a new multi function decoder for those Digital enthusiasts who like to customise the control of their locomotives. The Hornby Sapphire will offer many, if not more features, including RailCom® than the Digital enthusiast would expect from a top of the range decoder.

Available in the second quarter this addition to the Hornby Digital range of products is a positive step towards Hornby's commitment to Digital control for model railways.

This is very welcome news indeed. Lets just hope that the decoders are available
soon. I'm secretly hoping that they are actually Lenz Gold decoders with a big
Hornby logo on top and sold for half the price of the normal Lenz...


Also in the News is info about Hornby offering DCC Ready locos - of the
models that were originally only to be releases as DCC Fitted. Se

for more.
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Hi Doug,

Thanks for reply. I take it the Lenz decoder is compatible with Hornby DCC such as the Elite?

QUOTE (Nitemare @ 7 Feb 2007, 23:12) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thanks for reply. I take it the Lenz decoder is compatible with Hornby DCC such as the Elite?

Yes it is. It will work well with the Elite.
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There are a few comments on Hornby and its DCC products in Phil Graingers regular DCC article in Model Rail this month.

Basically , he's got hold of 2 Select units . TCS decoders won't run on one - but will on the other (has someone managed to sort out the signal distortion on later production batches??)

He also indicates that Hornby were a bit unhappy about his previous review which stated that functions 5-8 were not working. Having put his "new toy" signal analyser on the Select , it seems the signal being sent for these functions by the Select is plain incorrect - hence they won't work

One retailer is advertising that they regard the warranty on any TCS decoder as null and void if it is run on a layout controlled by any Hornby DCC unit. This seems somewhat over the top - I've not seen any suggestion that TCS decoders are damaged in any way , simply that they can't recognise the signal with that level of distortion in it (see the "ring ring" thread)

However the Hornby decoder is another story , and the Model Rail article, while regretting the limited number of CV's supported, specifically praises the actual smoothness of running and performance at the rail. They do not make any suggestion that it is incompatible with other DCC systems - I'm not sure what system the reviewer normally uses , but as he is an established DCC user ,it won't have been the Select
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ZTC are also saying the warranty on their decoder is void if used with a select unit, but they do say they work but quote Stan Ames reply on DCCUK in their response to a query buy a ZTC user on their forum.

It one thing saying "if it doesn't work on the layout because of incompatibilty/signal distortion, don't blame us".

It's another thing voiding the warranty - ie completely walking away from the goods - if someone has placed the loco on a layout hooked up to a Select for 5 minutes

If the decoder breaks for other reasons , at a later stage, disclaiming the warranty because the loco once ran on a layout controlled by a Select seems to me unreasonable
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