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Dear All,

An RhB enthusiats and sound expert has been working with ZIMO on a new range of sounds for this well-known Swiss Railway. These sounds cover steam and electric locos from various eras (2 steam, 4 electric). For further details, see the ZIMO Sound Database.

It is planned that they will be available for direct download using a special Lock Code system, to make sure you have paid a small surcharge for these Sound Projects, and the Lock Code will only work for one decoder (each decoder will have its own Serial Number and the Lock Code will include this read-only number). The software for the decoders requires some modification for this method and will be out soon. Until then, I suggest you contact you local ZIMO delaer, who should be able to obtain decoders with these sounds direct from ZIMO.

By the way, even with the surcharge, these will be cheaper than the ESU Loksound decoder. The basic decoder (MX640) is about 30 pounds cheaper (65 instead of 95, or thereabouts). Prices are changing so rapidly with the pund in free fall it's very hard for those of us in the euro zone to keep track.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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