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Hi Jimbob

Welcome to the forum

There are some user reviews on DCC systems Here

There is a discusion on upgrading a system Here

But you can probably start with a basic system that is easily upgradeable

NCE Powercab is one with full capabilities at a reasonable price Stay away from Hornby Select ( compatibility problems with other brands of decoder)

Once you have done a little bit of reading see if you can try some different systems out and see what suits you

Below is from another post

--I have always liked a control knob for hand held control

I prefer the the Roco (designed by Lenz) control with the centre off rather than the Lenz combination of the Direction Switch and Knob of the LH90 or push buttons of the LH100 ( the MultiMAUS can be plugged in to the Lenz System as well)
So my preference would be something similar
Hence my choice would be MultiMAUS Pro for wireless

NCE do a Knob based control (NCE cab-04p) as well which can be used like the Roco (centre off) in yard mode or full one direction and can come radio equipped

But I don't mind keyboard based control like JMRI panel pro ( controlling trains while answering emails is great!)

The NCE Power Cab control is in a Industrial Tough case so very robust

The MultiMAUS is in a plastic case and a bit more ergo dynamically designed , it also has 4 little rubber pads underneath so it will not slide away when put down on a smooth surface (handy when leaving it on the rolling tool box while plugged in) you can also hang it on a round head self tapper , it has a upside down keyhole mount on the back.
The only time you need to use two hands - is you need to enter the Menu (shift and Menu button) or change from Library mode to Address mode , basically you need to push two buttons simultaneously . For most operations you would use it like you would a phone keypad , everything is in easy reach of your thumb.

Hope this helps

Regards Zmil
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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