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Hi All

Apologies if this has been asked before I have a DC layout and am looking to upgrade to DCC and am looking for advice on choosing a system. I notice most of the DCC Systems are hand held. I am used to controlling my trains by a Knob and as far as i can see a lot of DCC ones are push button I am used to a desktop controller and don't know if I would like a hand held. I was looking at a Lenz LH90 starter set as it has a Control Knob but notice some mixed views on this system is it out of date ? Can I control DCC fitted trains with onboard Lights and Sound with this System ? I was also looking at NCE Power Cab but this just has a Slider wheel. The Lenz Manual mentions something about a Pre Programed Simulated Brake for controlling the trains slowing down and speeding up can this be done with NCE ? It seems the ESU Ecos is the best but is rather more Expensive than I was wanting to spend any advice would be great.

Thanks Jimbob
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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