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QUOTE (jimbob @ 11 Oct 2008, 06:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi All

Apologies if this has been asked before I have a DC layout and am looking to upgrade to DCC and am looking for advice on choosing a system. I notice most of the DCC Systems are hand held. I am used to controlling my trains by a Knob and as far as i can see a lot of DCC ones are push button I am used to a desktop controller and don't know if I would like a hand held.

I was looking at a Lenz LH90 starter set as it has a Control Knob but notice some mixed views on this system is it out of date ?

It is not the most recent however still adequate. There are many more recent systems than this.

Can I control DCC fitted trains with onboard Lights and Sound with this System ?

Yes you could but you could do that with any DCC system.

I was also looking at NCE Power Cab but this just has a Slider wheel. The Lenz Manual mentions something about a Pre Programed Simulated Brake for controlling the trains slowing down and speeding up can this be done with NCE ?

You could this with any DCC system which allows you to change CV's. All you have to do is increase the braking time.

It seems the ESU Ecos is the best but is rather more Expensive than I was wanting to spend any advice would be great.

Thanks Jimbob

Have a look at our user reviews to see what some of the current systems offer. If you're looking for a starter set there are many good ones currently available with the same or better spec's than the Lenz 90.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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